Sunday 20 September 2009

Another farm sale

Another Farm sale was held on Saturday, this time at Cherry Lodge farm, Iron Acton. Lisa Baber and her husband had a farm shop there and were giving up. They had been buyers of our apple juice, so it was a pity, particularly as they had not been going for more than about 4 years. Being sold were all the pigs, sheep, fowls and all the sundries. Top price was for an almost new New Holland Tractor with grass tyres and a loader. We only bought two lots. One, a pile of white side plates, cutlery, plastic bags and the remants of their coffee and tea club for £18 and the other five lots of wine racks which are destined to hold our stocks od apple juice, down in the constant temperature of the air raid shelter. When I got these racks home, I worked out that they would hold 1,300 bottles. At £120, that was a bargain and one of the few of those around that day. About 11p per bottle, it works out at, which is OK, I'd say.

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