Monday 14 September 2009

Tortworth Shop takes the first of the new season juice

The first crate of juice went up to Tortworth Farm shop today, 10 Worcester Pearmain and 5 Lord Derby. The Worcesters are from our own trees, and they are pictured left. These are half standard trees, we think. They are certainly much smaller than the standard trees in the main orchard, behind the point where this photo was taken. The Lord Derbys are from an old remnant orchard in Cowship Lane in Cromhall, 5 miles away. We can be certain that these trees are as chemical free as our own, because until a few years ago the cottage which sat among these old trees was owned by Mrs Hobbs, ex Postmistress to these villages, during the last war and she worked her garden and the orchard the old fashioned way. We now know the new people who were happy to accept a crate of juice made from their own apples by us in return for the remaining apples which made the juice that is now on the Tortworth Farm shop shelves

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