Saturday, 12 September 2009

Marrow & Fresh Ginger Chutney Recipe

Marrow and Fresh Ginger Chutney
9lb Marrow peeled and deseeded
1 and 1/2 lb onions
1 and 1/2lb cooking apples
1 and 1/2lb sultanas
1 and 1/2 oz fresh root ginger
6 tsp pickling spices
12oz golden Demerara sugar
3 pints cider vinegar
This made 19lb chutney, bottled. It looked great and tasted delicious. The orginal recipe we were given was for a third of these quanities so if you have less marrows, use proportionally fewer ingredients. Wine vinegar can be used too.
Put the marrow into a colander and liberally sprinkle with salt. Leave over a pan for a few hours to draw the water off
Put the marrow and all other ingredients except the sugar and the vinegar into a large pan; a preserving pan is ideal. You could put the ginger and spices into a muslin bag and remove that before bottling but we like them in the chutney.
Add a third of the vinegar and bring slowly to the boil. Boil gently until the mixture is thick, gradually adding more vinegar as yuo go.. Stir frequently to stop the chutney sticking. Add the sugar stirring continually until the sugar has dissolved. It may take a couple of hours to or more to reach the right consistency, but don't despair, it will thicken.
Once you have the correct consistency, remove the pan from the ehat and ladle the chutney inot clean jars. We use honey jars. Put on the lids and leave to cool before labeling.

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