Friday, 11 September 2009

Bees make Honey, we make chutney

Our new honey bee colony seem to be thriving. I see the bees out and about wherever I go in the garden or the orchard. At the moment they are goiong crazy for the flowers on the sedum. The picture opposite shows why we got them though, to help pollinate the apple blossom in the orchard in May. They came free as part of an iniative by South Gloucestershire beekeepers who are offering a free hive, colony and mentoring, to help establish new colonies in new locations. Honey bees have been badly hit by collapsing colony syndrome, verroa mite and wet weather, plus the cocktail of nasty chemicals that are used these days. If ours stay in on or home ground they will be Ok, or so I keep telling them.... Meanwhile we are making Marrow Chutney, having at last finished batch after batch of damson chutney, jam and cheese. Yes there is such a thing as Damson Cheese, honestly

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